“When headed into a class with Diane I am electrified! In Costa Rica a friend of mine brought me to my first class hosted by Diane.  The class was phenomenal! Before, during, and after practice the energy and feel of the flow was magnificent! Diane's guidance is clear, smooth and calming- yet she has a way of pushing you further.  She leads her classes with dignity and and has a love and respect for all participants.  There is no judgment or pressure with Diane leading you through body movements. The flows of her classes work for all levels of skill and experience. I love that Diane will come around and offer adjustments in resting poses. Aside from being a great yoga instructor, Diane is an amazing person!  Her energy exudes love and acceptance for all. I hope you have the pleasure of experiencing a yoga practice with Diane!  I am already excited for the next time I do!” ~ Jeska Anderson - Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

“I absolutely adore Diane as a person and a yoga instructor. She has an approachable style, but still manages to create a challenge for those who crave a push. She overflows with compassion as she guides all level yogis through their practice. Diane's word choice during Savasana is inspiring. You'll LOVE and class you do with her! She is also a MASTER at facilitating a memorable bonding experience with her partner yoga. Diane infuses creativity and passion into every pose. Try a class, your body will thank you.” ~ Amanda Lesley - Plano, TX

“Diane is by far one of my favorite yoga teachers. She is able to judge the energy and experience level in a room, and customize each class she teaches to fit the group she is working with. I consider myself a fairly advanced practitioner, but I still find every one of her classes challenging. She is always creating new, interesting flows and none of her classes are ever exactly the same. Also, each class is accompanied by inspiring, eclectic music. Sometimes the yoga flow is so well matched with the music that you feel you are actually dancing with the songs, rather than them just being used for ambiance. Along with Diane being a fantastic teacher, she is a wonderful, genuine person. She loves what she does, cares about her students, and is a friend to everyone she meets.” ~ Carrin Page - San Francisco, CA

“I've attended Diane's yoga classes I think for over 10 years. When ever I would feel stagnant or stressed, by the end of her class I would feel exceedingly soothed and calmed, followed by a great nights sleep.” ~ David Shapley - Richardson, TX

"Diane is a highly skilled yoga instructor. I can tell she puts enormous effort into staying up-to-date with her yoga practice. I really enjoy taking classes from Diane because I know she has the knowledge and can help me. Not only does she have yoga expertise but she also creates a safe and soothing atmosphere within her classes." ~ Emily Rogers - Anna, TX

"Diane is a great yoga instructor! I have been taking her classes for a number of years now. When you take her class, she provides you with the basis for the pose and ways to improve. This allows all skill levels from beginning students to yogis to benefit from her class. I am a proud student of hers now and will be for many years to come!" ~ Patrick Catuncan - Dallas, TX

"Diane's classes are so good, they will make you cry. I did." ~ Kristi Y. - Allen, TX

"Diane is without doubt a committed practitioner and a gentle guide in a mix of Vinyasa and Iyengar styles. Her style is gentle, non-pretentious, refreshing and will guide you to your limit to explore what your body can do." ~ Rocio Morales - Dallas, TX

"Diane's yoga classes are excellent. She thoroughly understands form and makes it easy for non-gurus to understand. (I've also seen her work very successfully with advanced students). She has a soothing voice and always has a nice relaxing atmosphere to her classes. I would highly recommend Diane as a top-notch yoga instructor" ~ David McMahon - Dallas, TX

"The yoga I've been practicing has offered so many, many benefits—I cannot say enough great things! Diane has such precious, unique gifts to share—resulting in a broad, beautiful experience! Thank you Diane!" ~ Stefani Hernandez - Dallas, TX

"Diane is my yoga instructor and I recommend she be yours also. Since taking Yoga with Diane I have lost 60 pounds (diet also), cut 20 strokes off of my golf game (without even golfing), increased my income, lowered my cholesterol and too many other things to mention.
She is an awesome teacher. Her style fits anyone. Her yoga form by example is magnificent. Her ease, gentle voice and natural grace make the practice look so easy that she is a joy to follow. Her teaching is enthusiastic, encouraging and caring. She always has time to discuss your practice and share additional tips. Take Diane’s classes and you will be more fit, happy, energetic and so much more. Her savasana is enchanting and a treat anyone would enjoy. I can say I would not be as far in my practice if it was not for Diane. Thanks Di, Namaste" ~ Kelly G. - Richardson, TX

"I can honestly say that Diane's class is the best I have been to. Her class gets all the important parts of an exercise routine while keeping things calm and relaxed, removing the "Intimidation Factor" that you can get starting a new program, especially one in a group environment. I have felt completely comfortable every time I have gone, and been welcomed not only by Diane, but also by the other students."  ~ Glen Gowen - Dallas, TX

"Diane is a very knowledgeable yoga instructor with plenty of expertise, but her supportive approach while pushing you farther is a tremendous plus. And as far as results, my back has never felt so relaxed!" ~ Mark Blotcky - Dallas, TX


"Diane's partner yoga workshop was pure fun. The poses were easily simplified or intensified and very playful. Not to mention the atmosphere was perfect - very relaxed and cheerful. I would most definitely recommend this to couples, friends, siblings - anyone! It is a great way to connect with another person on an entirely different level. Not to mention it was very calming and refreshing" ~ Natasha Woods - Richardson, TX

"Partner yoga was such a fun and enlightening experience! I have been doing yoga for a couple of years, and I was surprised at how beneficial it is to have a partner during yoga. This was my partner’s very first yoga class and he loved it! Even at our differing yoga levels, poses provided a challenge for the both of us, while at the same time allowing my partner and I to support one another in each position" ~ Ashley Pham - Richardson, TX

“Diane is a fantastic yoga instructor! She is so innovative with her classes and workshops, and does a great job of challenging without pushing, and combining strength building poses with deep stretching/relaxation. Can't wait for the next partner workshop!” ~ Leah Fritz - Dallas, TX


"What can I say about db Yoga.....
Diane lead my first yoga class and I was hooked! She brings her passion for life and yoga to the mat and shares it with everyone in the room creating the perfect ambience! Unfortunately my first class at this particular studio was her last so when she mentioned Costa Rica at the end of class I knew I had to go!!
I left Costa Rica with a heart full of love and gratitude! This trip allowed me to experience the rich culture of Costa Rica. The atmosphere was safe and fun the entire time! I went not really knowing anyone and left with life long friends!!! Can’t wait for many more trips with db Yoga!!! Pura Vida!" ~ Avery Doris - Richardson, TX

“Diane's Costa Rica yoga retreat was an experience of a lifetime. The activities were amazing, the yoga Diane teaches is the best there is to offer, and the atmosphere was absolutely breathtaking. I made life long friends and memories that I will cherish forever! Thank you Diane for this awesome experience!” ~ Holly Worrell - Dallas, TX

“I've had the pleasure of taking yoga with Diane over the past years! I was a newbie and she made it very accessible with her style and energy. She's an incredible instructor and beautiful human! I've also had the pleasure of traveling with her on 4 yoga trips in both Costa Rica and Belize! I can't wait till we get to travel and yoga it up together again! Love db yoga!” ~ Christian Alyea - Dallas, TX


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